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What is the difference between manufactured and modular?

Manufactured: Also known as mobile homes, are a titled home. 

Modular: Also known as pre-fab or stick built. These types of homes need to be put onto a foundation and they’re built at and above state, county, and local sub-division codes.


How Do I Finance My Home?

In today’s market, Modulars tend to be easier to finance through most banks. However, there are several financial institutions that offer financing for manufactured/mobile homes as well.


Why Buy a Manufactured or Modular Home Over an On-Site Stick Built Home?

When you purchase a manufactured or modular home, your per square foot costs can be substantially lower than an onsite stick built home.


How Are These Homes Built?

Both manufactured and modular homes are CAD engineered and built in state of the art, quality controlled environments. Our manufacturers have over 40 years of excellence in building.


Where Are These Homes Built?

We have two manufacturers – Marlette Homes – which are built in Hermiston, Oregon and Palm Harbor Homes which are built in Millersburg, Oregon.


Are These Homes Built to Withstand Montana Winters?

Yes! We order all homes with increased snow load capacity and insulation. Our homes are built to last for a life time.


What’s Included in Your Pricing?

Our pricing includes: delivery, setup to your location and cost of crane if going a foundation.

Not included: cost of foundation water/sewer and electric/gas hookups.


Do You Have Land Available to Sell?

No we do not offer land for sale. However, there are many great local real estate agents who can assist you with that.


Do We Take Trade Ins Or Sell Used Homes?

No we do not. All of our homes are new and custom built to your specifications.


Where are you located?

We are located off 2720 Highway 2 East in Kalispell, MT


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